StealthRT turned 2 today!

StealthRT turned 2 today!

First of all I would like to thank Diana who found the most beautiful poem to go with my music and for her lovely recitation of it:)
Music by StealthRT
Recitation by Diana Harmon Garnand
Poem by Adyashanti

Meet Me Here

Join me here Now
Where there are no points of view.
Slip under good and bad
Right and wrong
Worthy and Unworthy
Sinner and saint.

Meet me here
Where everything is unframed
Before understanding
and not understanding.

Meet me here
Where silence roars
Where stillness is dancing
Where the eternal is living and dying.

Meet me here
Where you are not you
Where you are It
And It is unspeakable.

Meet me here
Where all points of vies
Merge into a single point
And then disappears.

Meet me here
Before there ever was a something
Before there ever was nothing.

Meet me here
Where everything speaks of this
Where everything has
Always spoken this
Where nothing is ever lost or found.

Meet me here.


New Collab with Diana Harmon Garnand:)

New Soundscape Track.

I Believe:)

A new musical endeavor:)

My new sound:)

New Track:)